"Sherman Think Tank is exactly that - a think tank. You won't get an off-the-shelf campaign from us. You'll get a unique campaign tailored to your specific needs."







Sherman Think Tank is a unique firm. We do public relations, advertising, marketing communications, employee communications, new company and product launches. We are more than an advertising agency, a public relations firm or a marketing communications company. When you work with Sherman Think Tank, you get exactly that – a think tank.

We approach each and every assignment with an objective, independent eye. Our mission is simple - to effectively position our clients so they can more successfully market their products and services. 

We know what works in today’s marketplace and have the creative flair to produce bottom-line results. We excel at solving the challenges facing insurers, reinsurers, underwriting managers, brokers and agents as well as companies servicing these businesses.  

In the insurance business, it’s often who you know. From our point of view, it's not only who you know, but what results you obtain that matters. Sherman Think Tank has worked for many of the world’s most important insurance and reinsurance companies at one time or another over the past 25 years.

Prior to starting Sherman Think Tank, Maryanne Sherman held the position of Corporate Advertising Officer for a Fortune 500 insurance company. She knows what the Chief Marketing Officer needs to successfully do his or her job.

In addition, Maryanne was heavily involved in the Association of Professional Insurance Women (APIW) where she served as President of this 300+ association of senior level, women professionals in insurance. Because of her work with APIW, she met the leaders in the business and was privileged to be part of discussions with them about the challenges and opportunities they face. 

What can you expect from Sherman Think Tank? “Results. Plain & Simple.”