Building U.S. Market Share for a Successful Global Product

Bermuda insurer ACE Ltd. developed a unique product covering the personal assets of corporate officers and directors: CODA (Corporate Officers & Directors Assurance). The product was not well understood in the U.S. market plus it could not be sold directly to officers and directors in the U.S. It could only be marketed through select Bermuda brokers and agents. Sherman Think Tank created a marketing brochure with multiple functions and for multiple audiences to explain CODA and how it differed from competing U.S. D&O products.

Following the successful introduction of CODA to the U.S. market, Sherman Think Tank was asked to create a marketing brochure introducing ACE Ltd.’s Excess Liability Division to the U.S.  

The brochures were written to provide professional marketing tools to help U.S. agents and brokers easily communicate the benefits of these specialty products. The brochures did their jobs. U.S. brokers and agents understood the products and told ACE that the attractive and well-written brochures made a huge difference in their sales presentations.  Both brochures were designed in collaboration with Kass, Uehling, Inc. 

The client, Mark Herman, said of the effort,"You helped us salvage a project gone awry. I think the outcome was even better than I'd hoped."