Assisting Agents & Brokers with Building Their Businesses

ASPN (Agency Specialty Product Network),an Aon company, was created to market over 300 specialty products and services from 30+ provider companies to the independent insurance agents and brokers in the U.S. One of the most effective tools ASPN used was a 16-page, four-color newsletter that was distributed four to six times annually. The mission for the newsletter was to educate agents and brokers about the ASPN products and services. In approximately three years, circulation reached 36,000, making the newsletters highly competitive with the insurance trades.

Because of the success of these newsletters, ASPN redesigned them into a slick, 44-page, glossy magazine format that was published twice annually. The mission for this newly designed magazine was to become the "MTV of the insurance publications". Each issue carried six to eight articles on a "how-to" or "resources available" theme. The magazine became so well read by the target audience that circulation reached over 65,000 after only two issues. Agents wrote in saying how much they valued the advice given in the magazine and some specifically stated that the articles helped them to successfully increase their business.

Sherman Think Tank was one of three firms working on the newsletters and magazine: editorial services, researching and drafting the articles were done by Kathryn Dillon and Maryanne Sherman. Award-winning, Chicago-based design firm McCarthy Communications did the design and printing. All three firms collaborated on the topics, issues and themes to be covered in each issue.