Standing Out from the Competition (A Star is Born)

 Daylight Transport, a relatively new coast-to-coast shipper, wanted to build name recognition and brand awareness in a crowded market. Most of Daylight's competitors were headquartered in New York or New Jersey so we decided to capitalize on the "show biz" aspects of the company's Los Angeles location.

Sherman Think Tank created a direct mail campaign - "The Daylight of Our Lives" - serializing a soap opera featuring shipping clerks and how they solve their daily shipping problems with the help of Daylight Transport. Written in a tongue-in-cheek, film noir style, the series highlighted how Daylight Transport came to the rescue in several typical shipping situations.

Only weeks after the flyers were sent out, we were amazed to see them displayed on bulletin boards and tacked on walls of the shipping offices we visited in New York and New Jersey. Daylight's sales reps told us shipping clerks wanted to know "What happened to Kim? Did the shipment arrive on time?" 

By turning the customer (shipping clerks) into stars, Daylight Transport increased name recognition and, more importantly, started the process of building an extremely successful business that exceeds $20 million in sales today.