"Want to learn more? Here are some of the most frequent questions we get asked. If you can't find an answer here, contact Maryanne Sherman."



1. What do you do?

Sherman Think Tank provides a full array of marketing and communications services, including branding and image-building, public and media relations, marketing communications, employee communications, copywriting, and CEO Intelligence Briefings.  Click here for a full description of our services.


2. Who do you work with?

Our primary clients are insurance and reinsurance executives, including CEOs, Presidents, VPs of Marketing and Communications. Click here to see a complete list of clients and examples of our work.


3. Who is Sherman Think Tank?


The guiding force behind Sherman Think Tank is Maryanne Sherman who has over 25 years experience in insurance and reinsurance.  Click here to read more about her career and abilities.


4. What’s your approach to an assignment?

We work with you to craft resourceful, cost-effective marketing and communications responses to your opportunities and challenges.  Click here for a full explanation of the process we use in whole or in part on all assignments.


5. Do you do design work?

We collaborate with a network of designers, website developers, printers and/or social media experts.  Once the project is underway, we provide samples of work from these firms or any other professional required for the project. We think it's important to select people and firms that are simpatico and are able to work together for the common good of the client. Our goal is to help you develop a great relationship with these experts. Click here to read more about our approach and here to see examples of design work done by some of our talented partners.


6. How do you work with an existing team or consultant?

One of our strengths is working with the people and creative resources already in place, bringing them together to work collaboratively toward a common goal.  We’ve worked with branding companies, website designers and event planners, in-house people, and of course, senior-level decision-makers. In addition, we work extremely well within an existing brand and building it out.  Click here to read more about our approach and here to see examples of our work.


7. How do we know we’ll like what you do? 


We make it our business to exceed your expectations.  We interview you and spend time absorbing information about your business, products, brand, culture and needs.  Our job is to propose solutions to your challenges.  We generally offer a number of possible solutions, letting you choose the one most compatible with your goals and mission. We then tweak it until you’re satisfied.  Click here to contact us to discuss your needs.


8. What are your fees?  


Fees vary according to the assignment.  We have a variety of ways of working with clients based on what is best for you and your company’s financial situation.  We can work by the day, by the project or on a monthly retainer.  Call us at 609-896-2280 to discuss your project, or click here to contact Sherman Think Tank.