Refreshing and Extending a Solid Corporate Brand

A well-known reinsurance broker,Gill and Roeser, Inc, raised $500 million in capital to fund a sidecar reinsurer headquartered in Bermuda. This was completed in record time, less than three months after 9/11. Sherman Think Tank was asked to get the word out about Gill and Roeser's accomplishment. Public relations was used to announce the deal and a special "tombstone ad" was placed in relevant insurance media.  Very quickly word got around about Gill and Roeser's unique capabilities.

Following the success of this effort, Sherman Think Tank was asked to refresh the Gill and Roeser image with a new logo, stationery, capabilities brochure and first-ever website. Working with Guven Design, a branding company, Sherman Think Tank created a new logo and stationery system. We also wrote the copy for the capabilities brochure, working with a designer on the look and printing of the brochure. In addition, we worked with a website design firm to develop Gill and Roeser's first-ever website. The website focused on the Gill and Roeser people, their experience and their capabilities. 

Over the next two years, Gill and Roeser continued to increase its capital raising skills. Senior management realized that it was important to create a new affiliate, Gill and Roeser Holdings, Inc., to offer the financial and capital raising services to its customers and to separate this entity from the reinsurance arm Gill and Roeser, Inc. This required a separate portal on the existing website. Sherman Think Tank worked with a website developer to create the new portal. 

Because of the importance of people in the reinsurance business, the creative strategy evolved into one of promoting the executives at Gill and Roeser, focusing on their unique skills and experience. Sherman Think Tank created an overall public relations strategy, developing media contacts for quotes in stories, background information and by-lined articles. The overall strategy helped create a wider recognition of Gill and Roeser and its unique capabilities.