Establishing a Well-Respected Global Brand in the U.S.

Minet, formerly one of the world's largest brokers, was well-known in Europe but virtually unknown in the U.S. To create name recognition and brand awareness for the insurance broker in the, Sherman Think Tank focused on Minet's global marketing strength as "the premier, high-margin specialty broker".

We created and placed an aggressive advertising campaign in both insurance and industry publications. The ads were built around a new tag line created by Sherman Think Tank - "The Specialty Broker". Using strong headlines, intriguing illustrations and compelling text, each ad demonstrated the skills and talents of Minet's specialist brokers in the areas of professional liability, energy, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

The campaign ran consistently and often in both business and insurance trade press over a period of two years, reinforcing the brand and improving target audience retention of the "Specialty Broker" message. The strategy worked. An oil and gas publication survey confirmed that readers actually read the long-copy ads and the recall score was 82 percent.

Through this unique and ambitious campaign, Minet gained rapid visibility and credibility in the U.S. marketplace. In addition to establishing this venerable company in a new market, the ads were nominated as "the most creative series" by American Lawyer magazine.

Sherman Think Tank created the tag line, drafted the ad copy, worked with Guven Design on the ad designs and illustrations, acted as media planner, placed the ads and ensured research was done on the campaign's effectiveness.