Repositioning a Troubled Brand to Restore Profitability

Scor Re, a well-known French reinsurer, reorganized its U.S. operations. Sherman Think Tank was asked to communicate this new-found financial stability and solid management team. Sherman Think Tank created an advertising campaign centered on a new tag line "What Counts in Reinsurance is Knowing the Scor" to address the issues facing the U.S. arm of this reinsurer.

Using a sports motif, ads played off the concept of "score". The series included double-page spread ads in 4-color. The copy was extremely brief, stating the company's strengths in single words, followed up with a line stating "Add it all up". 

Research on the ads confirmed that readers recalled both the company name and the message that "if you need reinsurance, you need to know Scor Re". The campaign substantially changed Scor Re's U.S. image from a company at risk to a stable, secure entity.