"Successful product launches, marketing communications or advertising campaigns require a commitment from senior management in the form of time and resources."


Successful marketing campaigns use as many of the fundamental communications tools as possible to ensure that the branding message reaches the target audience in the manner most likely to be read and/or accessed by the target audience. 

  • Public Relations is one of the most powerful tools because of its perceived objectivity. It is also an extremely effective way to introduce new products, announce brand extensions, launch a new company or subsidiary and demonstrate a company's expertise.


  • Advertising is the clear favorite for making a big introduction, announcing a new company or building brand recognition and creating top-line awareness of products and services. Standing out in the clutter of advertising messages in any media requires consistency and a long-term commitment of resources.


  • Marketing Communications is what distinguishes your company, its products and services from the competition. This is where the "rubber meets the road". Marketing communications allows you to clearly state why customers should want to work with you.  


  • Employee Communications is vital to any branding effort because employees are on the front-line. They are the primary source of communication between your company, your customers and other audiences critical to establishing brand awareness and name recognition.

It takes time and resources to build name recognition and brand awareness among your target audience. Based on our experience, multi-faceted, multi-media campaigns offer the best results.